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ADHDKnowledge.com provides information about attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and its management to college students who think they may have or who have already been diagnosed with ADHD, their families, and their local healthcare providers. ADHDKnowledge.com is owned and operated by the CME Institute of Physicians Postgraduate Press, Inc., and supported by an independent educational grant from Shire. The CME Institute maintains full editorial control of ADHDKnowledge.com.

The CME Institute is part of Physicians Postgraduate Press, Inc., the independent publisher of The Journal of Clinical Psychiatry and its Primary Care Companion. The Journal has been a leading source of peer-reviewed articles for 70+ years and is included in every major indexing and abstracting database. For more information about the CME Institute, please visit http://www.cmeinstitute.com/documents/aboutus/index.htm.

If you have a question about ADHDKnowledge.com, please e-mail us at info@adhdknowledge.com.