Advisory Board was developed in conjunction with national experts on ADHD, local healthcare providers in the Oxford area, and on-campus providers from the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss). Contact information for these providers who have expressed an interest in treating Ole Miss students with ADHD are listed on our Local ADHD Resources page.

Larry Culpepper, MD, MPH (co-chair)

Paul King, MD (co-chair)

Marianne Barnes, MD

Robert Cooper, MD

Charlotte Green, PMHNP-BC

Joe T. Harris, MD

Shaun Helmhout, MD

Joseph S. Hunter, MD, FAAFP

Tina Joyner, NP

Michelle Littlefield, FNP

Jennifer McMinn, FNP

Joyce Mitchell, LPC

James W. Speck, MD

Kymberly R. Van Every, C-FNP

Advisory board financial disclosures: Dr Culpepper is a consultant for AstraZeneca, Labopharm, Pfizer, and Trovis; is a member of the speakers/advisory board for Merck; and is a stock shareholder of Labopharm. The rest of the advisory board have no relevant personal financial relationships to report.