Parent Toolkit: Strategies to Help Your Child Succeed

If your child has ADHD, you can try these strategies to help them succeed in college:
  • Replicate what helped your child to succeed before he/she started college
  • Keep the ADHD diagnosis and treatment within the family
  • Help your child find a doctor close to campus
  • Educate your child about ADHD and provide as much structure as possible (eg, tutoring, checking in with an on-campus counselor)
  • Help your child take advantage of the special accommodations afforded for students with ADHD on campus
  • Help your child learn healthy eating and exercise habits, particularly in the context of a routine
  • Help your child set attainable goals and achieve them
  • Teach your child to ask for help when they need it
  • Help your child manage their ADHD medications and educate them on the importance of adhering to their dosage and not giving it out to their friends