Student Toolkit: Strategies to Help You Succeed

These tools and tips can help you track your medication, manage your time, and organize your days.
Use these strategies to succeed at college:
  • Use electronic devices like cell phones, smartphones, and timers to remind yourself of things throughout the day
  • Wear earplugs or headphones or use white noise machines to block out distracting noises
  • Use a daily planner
  • Use a large wall calendar to get a short- and long-term visual picture of what you have to do
  • Understand the importance of daily routines and rituals
  • Develop a schedule with regular sleep, good diet and nutrition, regular exercise, and dedicated study times
  • Plan for transition—take time to wake up and do your morning routine; set aside time to settle down and get ready to fall asleep; take time to gather books and belongings and walk to class
  • Establish a regular time and place to study
  • Plan for long-term projects—divide a project into smaller pieces, estimate the time needed for each piece, and set deadlines for each piece as well as for the entire project